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T-Shirt + Mix + Friends Card

T-Shirt + Mix + Friends Card



A super-soft t-shirt made from cotton and polyester. Featuring this year’s "FM Anchor". Available in unisex sizes.

Special Mix

This unique mix of tunes has been specially curated by the host of the program you pledge towards! It includes the music that your favourite host has been jamming to all year round, and now it's yours! The mix you receive will correspond to the program you indicate upon check out.

Live Session Mix

A limited edition assortment of out-of-this-world live sessions recorded and mixed live in the CJSW studios. 

Friends Card

Everybody's favourite wallet-stuffer. The Friends Card is a treasure map to over 190 amazing local & independent businesses across Calgary and beyond! For a full list of friends, visit cjsw.com/friends